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Ghost is a popular open source blogging platform and it provides total control and ownership of your content and strips both open and closed platforms down to their best features and got them into one professional tool.

Ghost comes with powerful features which can be customised and configured based on the needs of each individual site:

Check Ghost official documentation here

Starting from scratch?

If you are designing your Webflow template from scratch and want to convert it to Ghost, choose our ready to use elements without worrying about custom attributes (that are already added), so to save a lot of time.

Starting from a Webflow template?

If you already have a Webflow Template and just want to convert it to Ghost without reviewing its style, the suggested workflow is to add the necessary custom attributes manually following our doc.

How can I define a Ghost page type in Webflow?

In order to convert a Webflow Template to a real Ghost Theme, you need to assign a type to the pages of your Webflow project. To define a Ghost page type, you only need to add a custom attribute to the body element:

page = {page-type}

For example:

page = post

In this case you defined the article page of your site

For the complete list of the page types that you need to define, check our doc.

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